A Detailed Comparison of ChatFlow247 with its Competitors

Businesses encounter communication gaps with their customers, as they are from different regions and time zones. Here calls do not work, emails are not time effective, and self-service can’t cover all the primary scenarios require for communication. However, what is the real solution? Chat services! 

Chat platforms allow the representatives available 24/7 to entertain the queries in real-time. Rather than having phone calls, the easiest way to catch up the clients from all the regions is a chat box. By this means of communication, customers could have a satisfactory experience as they will have a live interaction. Concisely, with live chat option companies have chances to grow their business within minimum time. All you require now is a reliable lead generation service, which helps you convert the visitors into leads and appointments, and potential customers. 

What is ChatFlow247?

When it comes to communicating with potential clients, ChatFlow247 lead generation service is known to look at every insight. For business, there is always a need for mortals who keep the visitors engaged and entertain the customer’s queries. At this point, ChatFlow247 offers services that meet the business requirements. The dynamic and interactive live chat is powered by real people that are professional enough to convert your visitors into leads and fetch more appointments and potential customers for your business. 

Easy to Manage Platform

ChatFlow247 aims to provide a platform that is easy to manage and understandable even by non-techie common people. The live chat solution is created considering the possibility where the human communicates and tackles the issues and questions of customers. All the functionalities that could be used in one go labeled ChatFlow247 as the pioneer of retaining the customers and improving customer experience. 

With time, ChatFlow247 works on the updates and always looking at adding convenience that strengthens the connection between the admin and the client. The multiple features increase the efficiency of the services and boost the reliability of businesses as the qualified designated team communicates with clients. 

ChatFlow Vs. Its Competitors

10 Things that make ChatFlow247 different from Competitors

ChatFlow247 acquires a distinct position in the industry which is due to the unique lead generation services it provides. Despite having many competitors, it is hard for the companies to choose the right assets. Take a look at the features and the value-added services ChatFlow247 offers.  

Powered by Real People

ChatFlow247 is not handling the customer’s queries through auto-generated messages that usually bother. However, it is ensuring a team of real people beyond the chat box who take full responsibility. 

Flexible Pricing Model

Offering a flexible pricing structure that would be customizable according to the features required by the clients. The money you will invest in ChatFlow247 services will be worth spending. The Free, Basic, Premium, and Pro live chat services come up with a pocket-friendly pricing plan along with customization. 

Reliable 99.99% Uptime

The high availability characteristic ensures reliability. The team stays active beyond its exceptional availability time to tackle the visiting, existing, and returning customers. 

Unlimited Proactive Messages

To initiate the conversation, the fully automated message appears in the chat box which shows the concern to the visitor. The proactive message feature will engage the visitor even if you are away. 

Unlimited Chats

ChatFlow247 offers unlimited chats, which will not limit the engagement and response time, moreover not putting burden on your budget.  

Multiple Websites

To make ChatFlow247 a fully-managed service, from a single interface multiple website integration, it becomes easy to educate and inform instead of facing procrastinations. 

Priority Customer Service

For better customer relations, ChatFlow247 provides prioritize support inquiries which aid customers’ satisfaction. When a customer comes with a question, the customer support team answers the query in the meantime to avoid having a queue full of requests. 

Omni Channel Implementation

ChatFlow247 provides quality services by connecting the customers with multiple channels to make the customer experience better by switching between multiple channels. 

Urgent Customer Requests

ChatFlow247 entertains the urgent customers request by connecting them to the agents quickly. 

Customized Canned Responses

The personalized canned message will leave an impact on the customer. ChatFlow247 speeds up customer service by providing the feature of customized canned responses which holds the customer’s attention. 

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